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Soccer in Templeogue College has regularly produced Irish Schools players and has a long list of former pupils who have played League of Ireland soccer. Since its early days the school has enjoyed success at all levels in one of the most competitive of schools sports.

The 2013 soccer season was a remarkable one for all the Templeogue players who participated in both Dublin and Leinster competitions. This was a long season of triumph and heartbreak which saw a group of friends play like brothers on the pitch as they rallied against adversity to become champions of Dublin.

The under 17's triumphed in the South Dublin final when defeating Drimnagh Castle by a 5-0 score line. Goals from Paul Bracken and Graham Kennedy were highlights in a comprehensive victory.The Leinster final against opponents Swords Community College four months later promised more successes. After fighting back to secure a 3-3 draw in normal time, Templeogue were denied victory in a penalty shoot-out.

The next match started with each player promising to do everything in their power to rise above the heartbreak of the previous fixture in the U17 Dublin Final 2013 against familiar rivals Drimnagh Castle. Lead by captain Jamie Hollywood the resilience of the Templeogue spirit saw each player fight together to rise above heartbreak and once again earn the title of champion.

On the 10th of May 2013, Templeogue became Division A Champions of Dublin 2013 for the first time in its history. Goals from Jamie Hollywood,Paul Bracken and Sam Morrison brought a successful end to a year long journey. Our players had competed at the highest level and had done us all proud. After a wonderful season, we were champions of Dublin. Back in the dressing room the celebrations began and a new belief that Templeogue's success in soccer was just beginning.

The following past pupils have all played League of Ireland Soccer or represented Ireland at schools level:

  • Enda Stevens (Irish Schools / Shamrock Rovers)
  • Colm Foley (Shamrock Rovers)
  • Derek Foran (Sligo)
  • David Webster (Irish Schools / Bray)
  • Mark Leech (Irish Schools)
  • Brian Morris Roe (St. Pats)
  • Pat Sullivan (Shamrock Rovers/ U.C.D. /Cork City)
  • Gareth Mattews (formerly with Norwich City)

And also, Philip Delaney ; Aidan Reynolds; John Cullen; Jimmy Cullen and Jason Lolwell.

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